How does the virtual conference format work?

To provide the most seamless experience, all talks are pre-recorded, offering original content for the Sleuthability conference.  

The day prior to the conference a reminder email will be sent providing detail on how to connect alongside with a short video on how to optimize the conference experience and platform. 

On the day of the event (or day of ticket purchase validity if purchased single day tickets) a link will be provided to connect to the talk(s).

Note: Access to the conference portal will occur at the start time of the conference.  For example 9:50AM on Friday April 30 is the first talk (the overview on the conference).  You will be able to access the talk at any time after 9:50AM* but if 9:49AM will be in a hold position until 9:50AM to view.

The conference may be viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

All talks are in ET (Eastern Time).

* In this example for access on the Friday, it would be eligible only for 1 Day Friday Pass and 3 Day (All Weekend) Pass holders.

The conference dates are Friday April 30 to Sunday May 2 yet talks only appear on Friday and Saturday why is that?

Scheduled talks are first aired as per the day and time shown.  However all talks are viewable on replay (ie viewable again) through to Sunday May 2, 11:59PM ET.  Think Netflix of the genealogy world.  Please note: all weekend access is only applicable to the 3 Day (All Weekend) Pass.

Is there an opportunity to ask questions?

There are multiple ways to pose questions / provide comments during the conference (and based on access granted by ticket type):

i) LIVE CHAT.  The live chat feature enables speakers and attendees to pose questions / comments during the first aired talk time and up to 15MIN following its conclusion or at another designated time when the speaker is available.  This will be communicated via email one day prior to the event.

ii) COMMENT BOX.  This comment box is located below all talks (ie below the video screen).  It is available throughout the entire conference period and is an option to use instead of the live chat.   The organizer and speakers will review throughout the conference period and post responses.

iii) LIVE Q&A.  A great opportunity to connect with speakers.  The first live session will take place at 1:30pm ET on Friday April 30 with a second session earmarked for 2:00pm ET on Saturday May 1. Please note: live Q&A sessions are only available to the All Weekend/3 Day pass holders. 

In order to provide a range of topics and speakers, speakers represent different time zones so this may result in some speakers being unable to connect at certain points whether on live chat, comment box or live Q&A.  The organizer (Bridget Bray) however will be monitoring all sessions and will connect with speakers where there may be unanswered questions.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are refundable up to Thursday April 29th 5PM ET.  After this time all tickets are final sale.

Is this a one time purchase or a subscription?

This is a one time purchase only and there are no subscriptions tied to the Sleuthability conference.

What experience level is this geared to?

The conference is geared to all levels - whether just beginning or have been researching for some time.  

Who is the organizer of the event?

BBNY Group LLC creates events and experiences in food, history and heritage.  Some of the past events include: The Genealogy Event, FarePlate (Irish food and drink festival), Past to Apron (culinary history) and Ireland Collective (Irish food, drink, craft & design).  Bridget Bray is the founder of BBNY Group LLC.  

 I have a question where can I direct it to?

Please send any questions info@bbnygroup.com

Note: While every effort will be made to maintain the program of talks as shown, the event organizer, BBNY Group LLC reserves the right to update / modify the content if unplanned circumstances occur.