SATURDAY APRIL 23 & 24 2022

Sleuthability, first held in April 2021, is a virtual conference highlighting Irish genealogy.  

Geared to all experience levels, the program will offer a variety of talks pertaining to genealogy, history and DNA.  

Talks are first presented as scheduled ("release date and time") and available following this first airing on demand.

The program is currently under development.  Have a topic of interest?  Please submit proposed talk(s) by clicking HERE OR use "Submit a Talk for Consideration" link in footer.

Further details on the speaker program, timelines and other key details may be found HERE.

Sleuthability is produced by Bridget Bray of BBNY Group LLC.  Other events include in person and virtual food, history and heritage events: The Genealogy Event, Past to Apron, FarePlate, Ireland Collective.